Publicado por: mirnacavalcanti | 29 de junho de 2013

Let it just be! WHY NOT? …

One of these afternoons, when she opened her `in box`, she noticed an e-mail  from a friend with an attachment : a picture of hers, which was taken a few years ago. 
Many thoughts came up to her mind and she realized , that during approximately  a decade she practically had ‘forgotten’ of herself and lived day by day in an amost complete dedication to others – no matter who they were… She felt no regrets, once all she does is because she has much love in her heart…  `No regrets` but she would like people could  – at least – be able to `recognize`her  selfless behaviour.  Nevertheless she understands that usually 
people aren’t not prepared for persons like her…
That picture, THAT picture … made her ‘review’ what kind of life has been hers… and she felt `- at that precise moment that time passes too fast – and she wished she  would have done much more than she has been doing and deeply wished to have done many things she didn’t do…
She wished she could have met him personally, and who knows? They  could have spent unforgettable  times together – as wonderful friends – and much more. Who knows?…
Even though they  could never look into each other’s eyes – nor hold hands tenderly, nor embraced , nor kissed… he has  been in her thoughts and heart  during the past years…. Strange as this may sound, she still wonders about him … about them… and she lets  life flow…
With a Mona Lisa smile on her face, she thought:  let it just be!
Rio de Janeiro, June 6th, 2013.


  1. Mirna, conseguiu resolver o problema com o word ? Lamentei não poder ajudá-la.



      “conseguir” ñ ‘consegui’ – pois é questão de configuração.Tentei d tds as formas ms seguia o problema. A´[i, tentei de outra forma. Aquema madrugada, trabalhei até umas 03:30hs e, na manhá seguinte, relendo o trabalho, passei-a toda e mais peq. parte da tarde, melhorando a redação. Ficou bom, graças a Deus.

      Obrigada, amigo e deculpa-e por ter-te incomodado àquela hora tão tardia.



  2. Beautiful words straight from heart.

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