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The eyes see, the soul feels… (*)

“Those who during their short stay on  Earth and learn nothing, lose precious time to raise as ‘spiritual beings in fleshly bodies’ … They will return to this ‘planet atonement’ as many times as is necessary to evolve. Will feel ‘skin’ the same pain that others have caused … the Law of Return is inflexible. “




                                                                                                eu3When the eyes see, the sensitive soul feels deep, all the pains of the world.  I have a deep aversion to the reality that we are obliged to live, because we are unable to change it. Negative feelings, as greed, take care of most people. The ‘possessions’ are considered as being the most important – while they are averse to what should really be considered as essential: ‘the development of BEING.’





Thanks to my eyes I can see.                                                                                                  Thanks to my soul I can  understand.                                                                                              

I see much sadness, I see little joy,

I see those who work as slaves                                                                                                 in order to eat everyday’s bread.                                                        

This understanding  hurts deeply my soul.                                                                                                                               when  feeling other people’s sadness, it bleeds.

I do not like what I see… What I see, I despise.

I see what men are doing to Mother Earth and  the                                                                         existing disrespect towards their brothers, our fellowmen.                                                               

These creatures take away from the world, much of                                                                         its beauty – and all for their useless greatness dreams.                                                                        They incessantly pursuit power and material possessions,                                                                              and inhumanly sacrifice others:their own brothers:                                                                          Human beings – for them, have no value…

I see all the caves’crystals breaking down,becoming powder                                                                    – they no more remind me medieval stained glass….                                                                  

I see men building walls to preserve themselves while                                                                                     they promote more and more destruction around…                                            

I see the evil mirrored in the eyes of many-and these,                                                                     are the ones who the humble people mistreat…                                                                              

Oh, my Father, help these poor  souls to see the truth,                                                                …while there is still time for them to try to change.



Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Pinto da Cunha                                                                                                                         Rio de Janeiro, May the 6th, 2013. 





This poem was first written in 2010 – and in Portuguese. It was reedited today, May 6, 2013


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