Publicado por: mirnacavalcanti | 20 de abril de 2013

To a friend



Your hands are full of light. Love is part of your being.


Your art is color, movement, breadth, depth …


You reach the heavens and touch the flickering  stars …


At the same time, you plunge into the mysteries of life


Searching for the answers you have been asking through time.


Your sensitivity  gives birth to the gifts  you present the world




Every dawn, remember that being ephemeral you are


also … eternal, and that your path on Earth  has a purpose:


to always seek happiness  with love, kindness and solidarity,


reaching out to all your brothers, excusing their  weaknesses,


 showing them the unchanging TRUTH …







‘Draw’ a smile on your face,                                                                                                                                                                                                            

cherish HOPE,


let  its roots grow deeper


in your soul, nourished by serene


fortress of the faith of your heart,




And … continues to paint the canvas of life                                                      

 with the color of  your dreams…








Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque                                                                                                                                                                     Rio de Janeiro, April 19th, 2013


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