Publicado por: mirnacavalcanti | 14 de março de 2013

Pope Francisco! (*)

 “Little by little we get accustomed to see and hear through the media, the black chronicle of contemporary society […] The empire of money, with its demonic effects as drugs, corruption and trafficking in persons (including children), along with material and moral misery are frequent. “
(Speech made by  Mario Bergoglio, when Cardinal,  during the period of Lent).
I receive this news with joy. A Jesuit, accustomed to the simple life and dedicated  with faith and seriousness to the mission he chose.
Teacher and Master, he was beloved and respected by all who were fortunate enough to be able to ‘capture’ his knowledge.
He is humble, dignified and firm, and he is also  known by not bending himself  to pressures whatsoever.
A truly ‘shepherd’ , Pope Francisco is,  and also very much concerned about all  the social issues. Brotherhood and love incessantly grow in his heart…
Let us pray for him, as he asked us to. The world needs people with faith – but ‘real’ faith  – the one that unites 
us to the Creator and His creatures as a whole and in detail, with full actions in fraternal love and solidarity.
(*) Or am very much mistaken – or those who are mistaken are the ones who  refer to  him as “Pope Francisco I”.  I think he may become to be known by history only if,  AFTER him,  there will be another Pope who also choose to be called ‘Francisco’.
NOTE: The VATICAN State confirmed  my position about  which is the correct way  the Pope must be called : simply “FRANCISCO” (*) .  Cf.


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