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Music: the most sublime of arts


Music is the most sublime of the existing arts.
‘Universal language‘, it dispenses the use of words, once it deeply
touches sensitive souls, uniting them in heavenly harmony. And,
together,  under the divine regency of the Greatest of the
Maestros, they play with hope and faith, the Symphony of Life.
Mirna de Albuquerque Cavalcanti Pinto da Cunha                                                                                 Rio de Janeiro, January 12, 2012
I’ve been studying piano since I was four years old. Except for a few short time lags – not by my own will – I stopped studying the instrument. My first piano teacher was a dear lady, Mrs. HERCÍLIA, who also taught me how to read, write and also mathematics. 
When I was twelve, I applied through special exams and was accepted as a student at the Rio Grande do Sul Fine Arts Institute State University.(*)
It certainly was an instigating challenging time of my life  when, among others, I was  literally ‘breathing ART’. 
On the other hand, the acquaintanceship with intelligent and sensitive students (most of them much older than I was) and the best state’s masters (mainly professor MILTON FIGUEIRA DE LEMOS, who was my teacher and my best friend, to whom I owe a ‘gratitude debt‘), made me mature sooner. 
One day, a considerable number of students were in the cafeteria and an interesting subject was brought up to conversation  by one of them. At that precise moment, two ‘parties’, were formed: one, by the Music students and the other, by the Visual Arts ones. The topic: WHICH was the the most sublime of arts …
Then,  a  raging, even impassioned  debate started  between those who studied music and the ones who studied  painting, sculpture, architecture. No need to say that all the participants sought and reasoned vividly about the motives to support the primacy of the art to which they intended to devote themselves throughout life … 
You, dear friends, may well conclude I chose  music – the always Divine Music ..
BTW: I may write another post about this subject, once it is very interesting and I often have been writing  about it once it is an important part of my being.
After very many years, I ask YOU, dear readers: 
“Among all the existing arts, which is the one YOU consider the most sublime and the reason – or reasons which make YOU think so.”
Those who wish to speak out, please contact me through comments which I’ll be anxiously  looking forward in reading – and in answering.
See you soon!
NOTE: I’ve always been blessed with chances which put me ahead of my time.

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