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2013 and PROVERBS





Fraternal greetings, friends!


Today is the last day of 2012!  The beach front at dawn, looked as if the day was still asleep… But it could foretell a terribly  hot day, with high temperatures … It’s Summer in Brazil now… Take a look at the picture I took much before 5:30AM …

Anyhow, let’s thank  the 2012 happenings and together, let’s  gladly ‘reception’ with hope and faith 2013!



Soon, it’ll be 2013!

I consider every year as divine gifts. Honestly: I look forward, to each and everyone of them, always expecting for good things. I have a strong faith that nourishes my hopes for a better world, in which evil is extirpated. It exists because of the little soul people. They are ‘endowed’ with negative qualities and sow the worst feelings that lodge deep in their petty beings.

We have to be vigilant and to face with guts and courage our brothers’ unfortunate and deleterious actions. They live in the darkness… so, this year – once more – let’s pray and hope that one day they’ll find the Path of Light.   Of course it depends only upon them to change the course of their ships. We can – and must – pray to the Father for this to occur, since their actions are not consistent with their lying words, in full wickedness.

This is so much true that: “The way of the wicked is as darkness: they know not at what they stumble” (Proverbs 4, 19). However, “The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.” (Fortunes 4.18) …

This year is ending. I thank God for everything that has happened. I obtained, with His help, priceless victories. The Lord placed in my path correct, fair, dedicated professionals  and worthy, upright judges impartially judged  my claims.

I know this coming year the same  will occur, once I respect the holy words of the Divine Master. As time passes by, they are leading me to the needed Understanding. I also do feel, from the bottom of my heart, that sometime in the future  I’ll reach Wisdom, which will honor me, once I follow the  paths of righteousness.

Near a year ago, I wrote you all a similar Message (*) in which I expressed, as usual, my thoughts and feelings. Nevertheless, there was one, among them,  that had to be postpone till 2013. 2012 I had todevote myself almost entirely to  the lawsuits to which I referred earlier. It was worth,though,  because we reached (my lawyer and I), the maximum award: the recognition of our rights by state court.

The struggle continues, as the unjust and unfair opponent, imbued with the worst possible intentions uselessly keeps on abusing (not ‘using‘) his right of action. However, his efforts will not attain success, because the evidences against him are strongly conclusive … Moreover, he is by himself, he doesn’t have JESUS at his side ​​… the Lord of all hosts, the Judge of Judges …  While HE has been giving us strength and  HE shines His Divine Light upon us while we have been working very  hard  searching for justice.  It is in the Holy Book (Proverbs 4: 12): “When you are on the floor, steps will not be hampered, and if tyou slip, you will not stumble” …


As for the book I thought it would be published this year, I inform you that now, instead of one, they’ll be three books! As you may understand, my activities in this direction will increase, because I have a lot of work to be done! It’ll certainly be crowned with success, since the number of readers – both in Portuguese and in English, has been increasing. There is even a strong chance of some of my stories and chronics be used in television and even the theater. Could there  be better news?

The answer to this question is: Yes, my friends, there can be better news. We should not only think of ourselves, but also of the other existing beings. Being so: let us unite in prayer for those who have a voice, but don’t know how to use it … of those who suffer from until now incurable diseases…  of  doctors and scientists who are seeking the so needed cure for these same diseases: let’s pray that they reach their goal

…  Last but not least, let us pray to the Father for the unfortunates who “eat the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence, those who do not sleep unless they do evil ...” (Proverbs 4, 16, 17).

Our prayers, dear friends, will be able to become this world a much better  place to live in… in which Understanding and Peace  will reign, where  Forgiveness and Love will forever triumph .

May this year 2013 be the year of fraternal solidarity, forgiveness and understanding!

Health, Peace, Harmony, and Happiness for everyone!


Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque

From Brazil


                                                                                         DSCN1599                                 These flowers are a simple, yet gentle gift from me to you.




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