Publicado por: mirnacavalcanti | 26 de setembro de 2012

Her Excellency President Dilma Rousseff, in New York

“Only the ones whose lives are dedicated to seek the well being of their fellow men, and do everything possible to achieve this goal, can really be happy .”

  President Dilma Rousseff opened on Tuesday the 67th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN)



The brazilian president is staying with her entourage in the traditionally historic ‘great luxury’  St. Regis Hotel,  is located in the heart of Manhattan, with a spetacular view of the Central Park.(*)

I will not make conjectures ,  but it’s hard not to think about this – so, I’ll share  my  thoughts with you . 

She’s probably not staying in one of the suites which the humble cost starts  with  U $ 895.00…  Would she be in the U$ 2,330 ones? In U $ 2,850 … or $ 6, 7, $ 8,000 / night? … Probably not in the Bentley suite, recently opened and which cost per day is about U$ 9,500 …  And, I think (and hope) that the Brazilian dignitary would not occupy the presidential suite, once its cost is U$ 22,000 (Yes, U$ 22,000!)

She has a great sense of humanity and it’s important to know that the Health and Education systems in Brazil, are, undoubtedly going from bad to worse …

And also considering that the pension benefits – during many years –  have been payed to the retired people with low inhuman values – the brazilian president, thinking about this sad situations, would not choose the excessive luxury suites.                                                                         She well knows that this would be waste of public money and would think – and consider – how many lives could have the needed dignity not only deserved, as likely many lives could be saved, IF hospitals had enough beds, medicines, and  health professionals would be receiving decent salaries.

Probably we will see photos of where our dignitary is still hosted (she is expected to fly back to Brazil today, the 26th).

Please, don’t misunderstand me: I agree that she needed to stay in a comfortable, quiet suite in order to meditate and work to prepare herself to her so important speech at UN, with a clear peaceful humanitarian consistency – even though there were some contradictory statements when compared  to her press interviews.

I’m sure our president can do much more – if she acts by herself – and not under her party’s demand. 

Anyway: let’s hope it might have had the result we all expected. This, only the future will tell.


Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque,                                                                                                                                                                                                  Rio de Janeiro, September the 26th, 2012.  






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