Publicado por: mirnacavalcanti | 31 de agosto de 2012

Soul! Enlighten my life!


Soul, poor soul of mine,

You so much suffer  …

the journey  is arduous…

The path is endless …


Miserable hearts,

are so many of the human hearts:

kindness does not reside in them,

mostly full of  unrighteousness…


Inasmuch the sky,

the hideously beautiful winter sky,

in this   sad, sad winter …

cold Winter, cold… stygian dark winter …

the Sky… the Sky… beautiful it is …


The opal  afternoon  gradually fades

from the setting sun. Dusk  arrives,

making it impossible not  to  lengthen

the gloomy gaze, always in hopes

of encountering the unique someone

good and pure, whose soul

would mine complete in infinite 

understanding, to become as one.


Would there still  be time to live the

adolescence never forgotten and suave dream? …



Mirna Cavalcanti de albuquerque  

Rio de Janeiro, August 31st, 2012



  1. Beautiful ❤

    • HEATHER, goo evening! (here in Rio de Janeiro is a little past 6:00 pm)

      Thank you for taking your time to tell me you liked my poem.
      I’ll visit your blog later this evening. I’d like to ‘maintain the connection’ which started today. Would you as also?

      I wish you a pleasant evening and a good night sleep!

      Your brazilian friend,

      • Yes, I would like that. You have a beautiful blog and you have such intelligent things to say.

      • Dear HEATHER,

        thank you so much for your kind words, and thank you for your comment. I just write about what I feek and think… Nothing more.

        I wish you a wonderful week end!
        Your brazilian friend,


        BTW:sooon I’ll log on to your blog!

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