Publicado por: mirnacavalcanti | 16 de agosto de 2012

Techology and Spirituality_____Tecnologia e Espiritualidade (“SHE said___#24)

Technological advances vs.  Spiritual
She  read: “India will send  a mission to Mars” and thought: “the Moon, Mars, the whole Solar System… What for? On Earth, major diseases and more and more men are killing their fellow men.
Avanço tecnológico vs. Inversão espiritual
Leu:“Índia enviará missão a Marte”. Pensou:”Lua, Marte, o Sistema Solar inteiro… para quê?  Na Terra, doenças graves e os homens maise mais se matam.


    Saturation point of life in the near future will be suffered by all of humanity on Planet Earth.
    Saturation is not a matter of population density and shortage of land for food sources.
    Saturation can occur due to all the people began to feel the misery of life and the difficulty in obtaining food sources.
    Such a situation is a result of long-term, error-organize human life and the life of nature.
    If this is allowed and does not watch out, there will be a humanitarian disaster in the Earth’s surface, which in turn was followed by the natural disasters that will not stop.

    Do not accuse each other and find the perpetrators of damage. Do not also look for those who should be responsible, but should appear conscious and sincere feelings of all mankind, to reorganize the life according to God’s plan.

    I believe that the Earth will return either.

    Bandung, August 16, 2012
    Thanks: Sandi Kaladia

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