Publicado por: mirnacavalcanti | 7 de agosto de 2012

‘Sacred’ moment


My ‘sacred time’  happens in the evening, when the birds have made their last flight to their nests and sang their last song. It is when I desintegrate , reintegrate and  I am reborn every single day of my life.

It is the magic hour: ‘dusk’, when the day gives way to night. Vesper-Venus – Diamond … From then on, the light will shine on distant continents. Here, the “darkness” … They are the opposite points, that accentuate the contrasts dyed by nature… They complement, interact with each other – to our delight. The light and the shadows give life to LIFE and to everything that surround  us. This natural painting reminds me of Caravaggio’s  paintings: it explodes with light and shadows, as if it would be a  musical  point-counterpoint : dependent, interchanging, complementing:  the Music of the Spheres

By the way: how would music be if there were no breaks, no needed  silence, so the melodic line, the musical phrase could be felt in our souls ? And after the  pause, the returning of  the notes one by one in simple sequential exposure … or in chords, or arpeggios and everything else that inspired the composer when writing on the pentagram, whilst maintaining the silence with its splendored meaning?… .

Let’s imagine a pianist at the piano, for instance, playing  Bach: “the Well Tempered Clavier“, or the “Inventions” , “Preludes”, “Fugues”, with  two, three and even four voices … The pianist’s two hands on the cold ivory keyboard seem sometimes “talk”, “dialog” or even  with one of the hands- or both (with different fingers) “repeat” the musical phrase of each other, either forward or reverse … but there are pauses which add even more beauty to the already existent one …

The sound and its absence, the breaks- all  are necessary for us to enjoy beautiful, simple melodies of the most intricate forms of compositions.

Music – with its sounds and pauses, touches my soul. To my understanding, it is the most  magnificent of  the arts and has been inspiring me since very young… As a matter of fact, it inspires me so much that mentioning it almost made me forget  the focus, the “leitmotif” of this particular writing of mine …

The day which is about to end-definitely- is every day. We can see Venus- Vesper, foreshadowing  the coming night, and to the extent that the sky will be darkening in the East, the West, it will lighten the incipient soft luminosity of the Sun – and this happens since the very beginning of Time.

The twilight is the “holy hour” when little (or nothing) can be seen, but if one has sensitivity, if one has an open and receptive soul, can feel it all.  It is such a special hour that some call it the time of “the Hail Mary,” others “Hour of the Angelus“… No matter how it is referred to, how it is called, or named…  What counts is that it is indeed a very special time… it is really different from all other existing 23 hours. And no matter where in the world we might be … what matters is the “effect” that it causes in people’s sensitivity, in people who believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, the Creator of everything and everyone.

This can occur when the connection with The Whole happens and the time seems not to exist anymore… 

My eyes become enchanted by the stars shinning like diamonds in the deep blue of the night.

The transition between the day and the night is made slowly and calmly.

Then, my whole being is flooded with light while all the stars  shine like fireflies in the deep blue of Heaven

Never darkness. Always light!


Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Pinto da Cunha

Rio de Janeiro, August 6th, 2012


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