Publicado por: mirnacavalcanti | 27 de julho de 2012

Brazilians against Corruption



May the blue light of the sacred indignation always illuminate our behaviour as human beings


“There are only two choices in life: to resign or be outraged.  And I will never resign myself . ”                            Darcy Ribeiro(*)



Corruption emerges from greed, unprincipled , indignity and disrespect for other peoples’ rights, aiming to benefit only the corrupt and  the corrupter  to the detriment of other peoples rights .

It occurs in all layers and levels of society. Their agents are in one way or another at some position of leadership and/or decision. They may be politicians or may be heads of government departments, directors of private companies or even –  it is more usual than we think – simple managers of buildings.

Brazilians got used to hearing reports about corruption and, because their good nature, they also got used  ‘to let it go’…  Their easy  temperament allowed  corruption to achieve  a paroxysm position.

In contrast, however, there are people who, like Darcy Ribeiro (*) never “lost the right to feel outraged” and fight  corruption wherever it happens.

So it must be: we have the weapons: Law and Justice. We must use them every time we have our rights offended or even threatened.


It is true that we cannot change people. But we have the firm duty to give good examples and seek a better future for our youth, in which the Values and Principles  (long ‘neglected’ , ‘forgotten’ by a  considerable number of citizens), become part of the human beings essential qualities.


Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Pinto da Cunha                                                                                                                                                Rio de janeiro, July 26thm 2012


(*)Darcy Ribeiro was a great brazilian educator, sociologist, anthropologist and politician.


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