Publicado por: mirnacavalcanti | 23 de julho de 2012

Sunday Morning



“Strive to establish tranquility in your areas of action, regardless of personal sacrifices that will always be small, however great they might-  at the moment- seem to you …  They are actually, only  ‘the price’  you are paying for  the peace you need.” (Chico Xavier)




“He who has faith is never alone”

That Sunday dawned calm, sunny. She woke up, had breakfast, took some of the daily medicines. Then she prepared herself to go to church.

Upon entering , she walked the aisle and quietly sat on a bench. Soft music was playing in the background. She closed her eyes and began to pray. Stubborn tears started running down her face.  She has been living hard times during several years. Were it not be for  her faith, most probably she could not keep on living.
She always believed in God but incredibly,  her faith only increases.  She could almost feel the ethereal presence of  heavenly beings around her.

The tears continued falling down… They were caused by sorrow, pain or regret for what she had committed and others,  that she had not done, when shoe should… It’s not an excuse, but she’s a mere human being, and may err because of this  sole condition … All she did – when she should not do – all she did no do – when she should have done, were never meant to harm anybody.
Because she has a sterling character, and is a good hearted woman, she feels guilt for her mistakes.

After crying all the tears, her soul was taken by deep peace. Around her, humble people – her people – were also praying. Their voices rose together to the heavens. They thanked, begged, cried for God’s mercy, and also for the so needed miracles they were seeking – for them – or for their beloved ones.

The  presence of the Living God happened. All their anguishes were heard by the Creator.  God is the glory of love and Justice.

When the services ended , she left the church. Some few cars were passing by… Children were happily playing giggling in the square.  People were  leisurely walking .

There was peace around her and she felt peace in her soul.

A soft breeze caressed her face. The sky was blue with white clouds and birds chirped with joy .

Blessed Sunday! Praise the Lord!

A new week had started and she felt strong and serene . She knew  that she will fulfill the mission entrusted to her even before she was born.

Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque
Rio de Janeiro, July 22, 2012


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