Publicado por: mirnacavalcanti | 28 de maio de 2012

Faith and prayer when the stars appear


“Since the first day that You Set Your Mind to gain correct understanding and to Humble  yourself  before  your God, your words Were heard “  (Daniel 10:12)





The day had been  a peaceful one to her, although the news reports  were negative (as nearly always) to the human

being as such: complete desegregation of himself as a creature that should actually BE HUMAN, and yet, most vilify

their fellowmen. This is due to the lack of the values that define good character people.

Misunderstandings, wars, theft, betrayal all kinds … children disrespecting, abusing or even ignoring or abandoning their

elders in nursing homes – which are no more than kinds of ‘warehouses of people – … Anyway, the Sacred 

Commandments (considered as such by all religions or even any of the existent Ethics codes …) have been constanly


There is no doubt whatsoever:  evil is  reigning on Earth … The  good, nevertheless,  struggles incessantly  and will

always fight its ‘oponent’it is light! And it has the strength, through God Himself, to destroy it once and for all ! 

With saddness, she thought: “Happiness is far from this planet, in other Spheres, Unknown Dimensions…”

Solemn serenity now descended upon her and involved the city. 

How much beauty for the eyes and the susceptible one soul whose travels from the Beginning, to Eternity! 

The Moon, Queen of the Night,  illuminated the deep blue sky showed in all its  mystical splendor. The stars, 

sparkling as precious gems seemed to be rare diamonds .

With the soul and being in peace, she closed her eyes and pleaded Him with faith:

Oh, beloved Jesus! You were martyrized  and immolated on the cross for us !

Mankind still did not understand Your sacrifice and keeps on causing extreme pain and distress to others.

Illuminate their souls, oh Lord! Grant that they may no longer remain  ‘Philistines’ . Allow them  to become  

worthy and truly “Your Children!”

Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque

Rio de Janeiro, May 27, 2012


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