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Transcendental metaphor: pebbles and men

It was right before sunset, when the golden colors  started  to dance before the eyes and the birds sang their last song.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

She was strolling by her hometown’s  riverbank  inspiring the smells that exhale from the plants, the earth and the river at that special hour of the day…

With the soul in peace, she sat on a rock  looking  at the clear waters flowing calmly as they  have been doing for unknown time.

The leaving Sun inflected its rays on the golden  river showing  all its beauty.  

Outstanding  exquisite  pebbles were shinning  with their brilliant collors as stars of the earth …  some had  a vivid velvet moss gently covering them…    No matter of the shapes, ovals or elipticals   they  resembled to  gems sprouting from the ground, revealing unique natural beauty.

She leaned down and picked up one of them .  She held it and felt in her hands  its smoothness . That suave touch arose in her mind transcendental thoughts.

Looking at the pebble  seriously, She wondered how much time had passed by till it  became  the pebble  it was –  at that specific  momment in which  she  was holding  it,  in its perfect oval shape? How many thousand years?… Million years?…

And further…   how much time shall pass till it will turn into sand?… Into dust?… Into nothing?….


As stones  become  pebbles  after the passing of  the time… this metamorphosys  should certainly happen to men… And most  of  them  don’t realize it… The transcendence they should  try to   pursuit …

How many lives would be necessary  to make them real  ‘ human beings?



Likewise,  considering that world’s population is now more than seven billion people and also that most of them struggle to live under unhuman conditions. Being so, how many of them take their time to think about the need of spiritual improvement?…


Amidst the ones who live considerably well, greediness grows as they get richer and richer. Certainly this is not a ‘generalization’… There are people who really care about their fellow men… very few people.



Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque                                                                                                                                                                                Rio de Janeiro, April 28th, 2012.



Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque                                                                                                                                                                              Rio de Janeiro, April 28th, 2012



  1. Great. Very good.

    • AMONTN, good evening!

      This is the reason which leads me to write: to communicate with my fellow men,

      I’m very glad that you enjoyed reading this story.

      I wish you a very glad week!

      • Mirna
        The pleasure is always our reader eager for a good text, beautiful illustrations, finally content.

      • AMONTN,
        good afternoon!

        You are very gentle, dear friend. I’m honored with your comment – and very HAPPY in knowning how you consider what I write.

        I wish you a peaceful and wonderful day.

        Till ‘soon’,

        PS – do you also like to write? If so, please, let me know 🙂

      • Till`soon

  2. Sunset makes me sad, but sometimes I do love it.

    • Hello, PAULO!

      This ‘sadness feeling’ is very common when the person is a sensitive one… Don’t worry. Just let ‘feel’ the beauty in your heart. Your heart will be filled with PEACE… and this is a very wonderful feeling!

      I wish you a GR8 week!

      TX for your comment.


  3. i really like it. It speaks to me about acceptance of our wholeness. We reach for enlightenment instead of allowing it.

    • Hello, JOHN!

      I’m thrilled that my ‘message’ was received by you in its really deep meaning.

      You are right. “Allowing” means ‘no action’; whereas “reaching” for enlightnement means a conscient movement towards its direction.

      Thank you,JOHNNY!

      I wish you a specially blessed week!

      Your friend from Brazil.

  4. I like it very much.
    In my collection of poems I have written a similar piece called ‘A Recipe From Heaven’ about material passing through a mill and my comparison was the human condition passing through ‘the mill of life’.
    Your work excites strong visual imagery of water running over and smoothing pebbles. It made me think about time’s purification of mankind’s souls.
    Thank you it was very enjoyable – good work. Mike

    • MICHAEL! Good evening (here in Brazil it’s almost midnight’)

      I just finished reading your comment on this article.

      It is amazing how the essence of my personal message ‘reaches’ people and remains ‘untouched’ – ie: the same – it doens’t lose the ‘original will’… This is very good to know, once it reveals to me I am following ‘the right path’.

      I would very much like to read yours “Recipe from Heaven”… Would you please tell me where is it possible to get it – or – could you send it to me?

      Reading History, I found out a long time ago, that humans didn’t change with the passing of the time. All our good (or bad) sentiments, are the same since man started to think and express his thoughs and feelings.
      So, in a sense, the sensitive ones may ‘feel the same feelings’… I wrote “pebbles and men’, You wrote ‘Recipe from Heaven’… I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading it and finding out the similarities between both, MICHAEL.

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      Light and Peace!

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