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What leads me to write


                                                            “I dive deep into the essence of what makes me human”

We are – among other things, what  and how  we act. Usually,  when someone writes,  often this work does not correspond to his deep true thoughts  and feelings. However, this doesn’t always mean that the writer lacks of good character . It means,  most of the times, that the writer wants to create an ideal world, a world of dreams – which is, indeed  the very seed of a future reality.   Let us wait and see. Only time will show. I hope that one day, when humanity will have reached the so needed  evolution, these so many deep on earth dormant seeds, will strongly  germinate and transform the Orb – probably – (why not?) in the once lost paradise.
I do believe this is, in general,what  writers aim ; specially poets.

As for me, I love Mother Nature:  the sky, the sea, rivers and lakes. Earth is an enchanted  scenario to live in, once we are intensely connected to it and realize you ARE part of it;

I like people whose goodness is reflected in their words and deeds and seek the truth being sincere. 

 Education is even more important than instruction, the first must be taught at home and the school should  follow. Sensitivity should be considered greater than the capacity. The first allows us to harmonize the soul with the existing world. It is to be regretted, however, that the  lack of sensitivity has been increasing decades ago. The more man gets scientific knowledge, the most he ‘forgets’ the  positive and utmost Values of personality and character…  Selfishness reigns over most part of the human society….

On the other hand, if we unite sensitivity, capability, education, intelligence, and specially add  a straight character,  we’ll finally  have the almost perfect creature on earth . 

Writing is an easy and pleasant  way I found to connect  with people similar to me:  good  character, intelligence, humanitarian purposes and, above and beyond all, driven by a beautiful old soul. 

I use the words, therefore, to ‘build bridges’ in order to expose my feelings and ideas about various subjects that interest not only myself but also many people:  arts in general (mainly music, literature, theater, sculpture, painting, balet) politics, philosophy, history, justice, human rights… Well, to make a long story  short: everything that surrounds us and is part of our lives.

In harmonic contrast, and as a consequence,  I also try to meet people through their thoughts, know who they are as creatures … Of course  I always  think about the possibilities of making new friends – no matter where in the world they are. There’s no better way to  know someone than through his deeds and words (these,  said or written). The looks ( age, beauty , elegance,   material possessions – having them or not, doesn’t count at all.


I do have to disagree from John Done’s saying: “No man is on the island” (*)

I feel we are  islands. Believing so, I  try to build bridges to connect with other existing islands

I do propose the following:   Let us all be good engeneers  and construct as many bridges as needed be in order to  interconnect.  

Let’s transform this little planet of ours in one single, exotic land, united by the highest ideals of humanity: friendship, respect, solidarity, fraternity,  understanding  and love.


(*) In  due time, I intend to write an article about this so interesting and important subject.

Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque                                                                                                                                                                                 Rio de Janeiro, March 29th, 2012                                                                                     


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