Publicado por: mirnacavalcanti | 26 de março de 2012

Spring arrived in Washington DC… and in her heart

Cherry trees adorn even more the Jefferson Memorial’s beauty. She thought: “Happyness  is pink…  we also should   coat  with many layers of  pink  shades our lives, our  dreams our happinessess, our loves”…


Cherry trees are now blooming along the Potomac.

Their branches fully covered with pink buttons, bend over the river,  as if they were tenderly trying to  kiss the calm , flowing water .

She walked slowly through the aisles, totally enjoying the magic beauty  that luxuriously  unraveled itself before her eyes. She saw, then looked attentively and the misty view brought back old dream’s suave remembrances, when she studied in the US as an exchange student.
Her  soul, love’s reliquary, keeps all the moments of her life…  these  tender feelings and thoughts  made her feel like a teenager again.

She remembered the so many projects she had lined up, effort, time, intensive studies …  As a matter of fact, life had presented her- in its own continuous course,  possibilities for which she was daily  preparing herself.  To make it clear, for a better understanding: when she graduated from the various colleges, her father, a sage man, always told her  “Knowledge does not take place. Choose what else you now want to study and will please you, my child…

So, she did: music, languages, law, philosophy, teaching, diplomacy …  However , when she realized  that to be a diplomat she would need to be an  hypocrite , she gave up. Although she wasn’t used  to stop things that she had begun,   neither she liked even think about  the possibility of the  idea: to have to obey to policies  that might be against her Principles  (which is very common being a diplomat…), she never regretted that decisions of hers.
 She  is frank, objective and transparent in her way of living…

Anyhow, this journey to the past passed as fast as a lightning. She returned to the present, nurtured by a constructive nostalgia and, driven by the hope she never lost, she restarted her  positive thoughts.

She was delighted to return to the present: it certainly was God’s gift to be able to  admire the fractal shapes of the cherry trees, their colorful branches, their awesome flowers …                                                                                                                         A gentle breeze caressed her cheeks. She set free her long shiny blond  hair  .

And, no more than suddenly, Spring took over her heart.

In adolescence, maturity – at any age – we must fondly cultivate the seeds that we still can – and should – bring out even in the autumn of life.

Happiness is waiting for us. Let’s open the doors, the windows! Let’s invite  the Sun to come in … 

Let us always keep in mind: Spring gives us a spectacle, year after year. It paints Mother Nature with incredibly lively colors to brighten our eyes and uplift our souls.

So, let s set free our sensibility in order to appreciate the Beauty that will most certainly  connects   us to a bright, splendid new reality…

Let’s smile, always smile…  at life!

Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque                                                                                                                                                                                        Rio de Janeiro, March, the 26th, 2012



  1. Hello, friends of the world!

    I’d like you to post a comment… It’s a way of exchanging ideas and interacting!

    I wish a wonderful week to you all!

  2. Flowers feed up souls that open to spring.. hearts smell beauty from very deep… THANKS for that pphoto

    • Dear friend!

      Thank you so much for your poetic comment. I really enjoy when the connections happen! Exchange ideas, expose feelings, this is a wonderful way to live.

      ABZs desde Brasil!

      Mirna C.

  3. molto bella

    • Grazie. Buon giorno a te, amico!

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