Publicado por: mirnacavalcanti | 22 de março de 2012

Liberty for TIBET! No more immolations! JUSTICE!




She joined the struggle of the Tibetan people’s cause. They  have been humiliated and killed by intruders. Freedom for Tibet ! Let’s help to free our tibetan brothers from Chinese oppression! 

We were born free and and free we all shall live!


“Tibet has forever been a source of awe and mystery for people around the world. Most parts of Tibet are plain barren deserts, too cold for any vegetation to grow. But it is these lands that are inhabited by Tibetan people and turned into a little paradise. Buddhism is the main religion followed here which chiefly defines the culture as well. Tibet has some of the most stunning looking monasteries scattered in all parts of the region. The dim candle lit halls, the embedded silence and the smell of incense and butter lamps engross all your senses and transport you into another world. These monasteries are among the most important ones for Buddhism. Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet and also the largest. Literally meaning ‘Holy City’, Lhasa is a destination of extreme contrasts. Whereas one part of the city is marked with bustling markets, other parts personify silence and calmness. It is home to the famous Potala Palace which is considered one of the most stunning works of architecture anywhere in the world”.

NOTE:  access, please:  “SOS Tibete!”

 I wrote this  article in  March 26th,  2008  in defense of the tibetans and in colaboration  with the AVAAZ Organization.

BTW: It’s written in Portuguese, but it’s easy to be copied and translated (you may use the GOOGLE translator, FISH,  or any other found  translator  in the web. It’s worth reading the article as well as all the readers’ posted comments and mine).


Light and Peace,

Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque.                                                                                                                                                                             Rio de Janeiro,  March 21, 2012



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