Publicado por: mirnacavalcanti | 1 de abril de 2009



Life is a miracle in itself. We must have this understanding within our hearts. It is a gift to the soul; it’s  an always renewed  chance to improve as  human beings. 

Therefore,  REJOICE for being alive!

Let’s always  smile at the beginning of a new day, when each morning we open the eyes, and are able to see, to hear, to walk, to express our thoughts and feelings with words …

Many people take these simple things for granted. They are unable to even consider these actions, which are indeed “miracles” that occur,  while many of our fellowmen are deprived of these capabilities, in one way or another …

Most of the times we don’t understand the reason certain things happen to us, but God knows ’why’ we  are here…   

Hope comes from faith. Let us pray to God to strengthen their spirits and bodies,  so they’ll be able to regain their health and feel happiness in being alive.

As a matter of fact, we all should be grateful to God for each and every day of our lives – no matter what might happen…



(Reedited in Rio de Janeiro, October 10th, 2012),

Mirna Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Pinto da Cunha  




  1. Very nice!

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